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Running out of battery while on the go? People keeps on talking about phones with short battery life, that is why as a solution people are buying powerbanks. There are a lot of brands and capacity that are offered and some are even to pricey, reason for others buying powerbanks. For those who are in tight budget but would like to own one, this might be your chance to buy your own powerbank. Pyxis is a brand under Cosmic Technologies Inc. the same company who are behind Cherry Mobile and Kingmax.

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T10 offers a whooping 10400mAh juice for your device. it comes in 6 different colors (gold,silver,green,blue,red and violet). Well you might be mistaken it to be one of Xiaomi’s powerbanks since it has the same built and design. As for the price of PHP 890, it is a really competitive price compared to Xiaomi’s 10400mAh powerbank for PHP 645.

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