Fake Android Jellybean??

Today having an android device is a norm. One of the best thing that android gives to its user is that you are able to play with your device because of their play store with thousands of apps.

As we all know Google Android releases Android Jellybean as “Project Butter” which means you will experience a buttery smooth device when you update your phone to jellybean. That is why a lot of OEMs and branded manufacturers are releasing their phones with updated Jellybean on the box to attract people.

Apparently a local brand here in the Philippines is advertising their phones with jellybean on the box. And as we all know there are a lot of added feature when you have a jellybean device, one of those is being able to install Google Search with Google Now feature vs. to a device with ICS pre-installed only Google Search it self is available.

As for basic checking people use Antutu for benchmarking and knowing the internals, for which we did in this local brand. For the revelation we found out the the Android SDK Version is contradicting to its Android version.(refer to picture below)

Also after installing Google Search and open it what it shows is the basic Google search not the one with Google Now.

Having an Android Jellybean 4.2.1 must have a SDK Version 17.


Its for you to judge and  guess guys.

We can’t say if this issue is only for our review unit or for the retail unit as well.

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